The University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) is an academic medical- and tertiary referral centre in the North of the Netherlands, covering an area with 3.4 million inhabitants. The oncological care in the UMCG is provided by 16 multidisciplinary tumour working groups, which treat frequent as well as less frequent tumour types. One of the specializations of the UMCG is the treatment of patients diagnosed with lung cancer with an indication for targeted treatment. Within the UMCG, the department of Epidemiology conducts scientific research, provides training, and offers expertise and facilities to support clinical research, and is subdevided into specialized units including the unit Oncological Epidemiology, led by prof. G.H. de Bock. As of 2014 we have a data biobank, named OncoLifeS. The aims of OncoLifeS are to provide an infrastructure for studying cancer biomarkers, response to treatment, treatment effects on various patients’ outcomes and quality of life; to give feedback to health care providers about their performance, and to monitor oncological quality of care. For more information see the webpage from our unit, as well as the webpage from OncoLifeS.


The team involved in this project comprises Professor G.H. (Truuske) de Bock, Dr. Petra Vinke (Postdoctoral researcher) and Dr. Grigory Sidorenkov (Senior researcher).

Prof. de Bock is the unit leader of the Oncological Epidemiology Unit of the University Medical Center Groningen and has over 30 years of experience in this field.

Dr. Petra Vinke is an epidemiologist who works on the QUALITOP project as a Postdoctoral researcher, after completing her PhD in the fields of nutrition epidemiology and healthy ageing.

Dr. Grigory Sidorenkov is a senior researcher and experienced data analyst in the field of oncology.

Scientific Manager

Prof. Geertruida (Truuske) Hendrika de Bock, Current position (2010 – now): Professor in Oncological Epidemiology, head of unit Oncological Epidemiology, UMCG, Groningen, The Netherlands
Qualifications: Registered epidemiologist (PhD Level, SMBWO), University of Leiden, the Netherlands (1997), PhD at University of Leiden, The Netherlands (1994), MA Psychology at University of Utrecht, the Netherlands (1987). Achievements: involved in 34 finished PhDs (31 as promotor, 3 as co-promotor), involved in 28 ongoing PhD trajectories. Grants awarded in last 5 years: €3.963.000. Publications: about 410 publications in medline, H-index: 67 (google scholar).

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