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A significant stride towards enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients, Cancer Patients Europe (CPE) has joined the consortium to lend support to the mission of Qualitop and amplify its key messages across a wider audience. 
“Cancer Patients Europe is thrilled to join forces with Qualitop in our shared mission to improve the lives of cancer patients through innovative solutions. By integrating into the consortium, we aim to leverage our collective expertise and resources to drive meaningful change and advance the well-being of cancer patients across Europe,” said Antonella Cardone, CEO of Cancer Patients Europe.

Cancer Patients Europe (CPE) stands as a pan-European patient-centric association, spanning multiple countries within Europe, dedicated to advocating for the rights and needs of cancer patients and survivors. With a vision aimed at alleviating the burdens of cancer on patients, their caregivers, healthcare systems, and society at large, CPE brings invaluable expertise and a deep commitment to improving the lives of those affected by cancer. By integrating into the consortium, CPEs will positively impact on Qualitop’s mission to improve the well-being of cancer immunotherapy patients and their quality of life. 

Aligned with Qualitop’s core objective, CPE and Qualitop will collaboratively strive to further advance the project’s goals, leveraging shared values and aspirations to drive meaningful change in cancer care. 

As the project progresses toward its final objectives, the dissemination and the sustainability of the project outcomes emerge as a crucial endeavour. The promotion of this smart digital platform ensures its accessibility to the right audience, thereby facilitating access to critical data that directly contributes to improving their lives. CPE’s engagement in communication activities will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal, amplifying the reach and impact of Qualitop’s efforts. 

Together with CPE, Qualitop is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the sustainability of the project. Grounded in principles of patient empowerment, improved quality of life, and equitable access to cancer immunotherapy-related data, Qualitop is poised to prioritise the long-term benefits of the project, driving initiatives aimed at fostering sustainability and enduring impact. 

“We wholeheartedly welcome CPE to join us in advancing the well-being of cancer patients through their valuable contributions and shared dedication,” said Delphine Maucort-Boulch, Qualitop Project Coordinator. This collaborative journey recognises the invaluable contributions and shared dedication to advancing the well-being of cancer patients.  

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