Publication on: “Quality of life after treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors for lung cancer; the impact of age”

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Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have revolutionized lung cancer treatment. However, it remains unclear as to whether changes in Health-Related Quality-of-Life (HRQoL) are associated with the age of lung cancer patients treated using ICIs. This study aimed to evaluate this possible association and to compare ICI-treated patients’ HRQoL scores with normative data of an age-matched non-cancer general population.


Lung cancer patients from the OncoLifeS data-biobank were included if they were treated with ICIs, irrespective of other treatments, at the University Medical Center Groningen between 2015 and 2021 and had completed the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Quality of Life Questionnaire C30 (EORTCQLQ-C30), both at the start of ICI treatment and after six months. Association of age as a continuous variable (per 10 years) and changes in HRQoL scores between baseline and 6 months was assessed using multivariable regression analyses. Clinical relevance of differences in HRQoL scores between OncoLifeS and the general population was classified into trivial, small, medium, and large, for three age groups (<60, 60-69 and ≥ 70 years).


151 patients were included with a mean age of 65.8 years. An increase in age per 10 years was associated with a larger decrease in the summary HRQoL score(β = -3.28,CI95%-6.42;-0.14), physical(β = -4.8, CI95% -8.71;-0.88), cognitive(β = -4.51,CI95%-8.24;-0.78), role functioning(β = -5.41,CI95%-10.78;-0.05), symptom burden(β = -3.66,CI95%-6.6;-0.73), and smaller negative changes in financial difficulties(β = 6.5 95 % CI 3.16; 9.85). OncoLifeS HRQoL scores were lower than those of the general population and differences were most often classified as large and medium.


Older lung cancer patients experience larger deteriorations in most HRQoL domains after 6 months of ICI treatment. Also, these patients showed significantly lower HRQoL scores compared to the general population.

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